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Lot 600 - Daunian kyathos. Decorated with red and black geometric patterns. Painted circles inside. 5th century BC. 11 cm diameter; 8.5...

Lot 601 - Daunian trozella. Decorated with red and black geometric patterns. 5th-4th century BC. 21 cm diameter; 16 cm high.

Lot 602 - Daunian cup decorated with red and brown bands. 4th century BC. 14.5 cm diameter; 7 cm high.

Lot 603 - Greek lekythos decorated with black-glazed bands. 4th century BC. 10.5 cm high.

Lot 604 - Decorative mask element from a volute krater handle. Greek, 4th century BC. 43 mm x 38 mm.

Lot 605 - Apulian red-figure lekanis with female heads. 4th century BC. 10 cm diameter; 10 cm high.

Lot 606 - Apulian red-figure pyxis with winged head of Nike 4th century BC. 8,5 diameter; 11.5 cm high.

Lot 607 - Greek black-glazed miniature cup. 4th century BC. 6,8 cm diameter; 4.5 cm high.

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