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Welcome to DeaMoneta, a website that hosts numismatic auctions. You will find coin auctions of ancient greek, roman and medieval coins and medals.See all auctions.

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Banner ACM - Asta 12
ACM - Asta 12

Italian and World Coins, Medals, Paper Money

Closing on 28/09/2019 - Auction open

Banner Artemide eLive Auktion 9
Artemide eLive Auktion 9

Ancient and World Coins Auction. Antiquities

Closing on 06/10/2019 - Auction open

Banner Brumus Asta VIII
Brumus Asta VIII

Ancient and Modern Coins, Medals, Paper Money, Catalogues, Stamps, Vintage Objects

Closing on 13/10/2019 - Auction open

Banner Tintinna 83
Tintinna 83

Ancient and Modern Coins, Medals

Closing on 19/10/2019 - Auction open

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Banner Tintinna listino di vendita n. 3
Tintinna listino di vendita n. 3

Greek and Roman Coins

Closing on 30/09/2019 - Vendita attiva

Banner POSITANOK - Listino di vendita 1
POSITANOK - Listino di vendita 1

Coin & Coins...

Closing on 15/10/2019 - Vendita attiva

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