Ca.100 AD. A rare Roman bowl in deep form is lathe-turned, concentric rings adorn the underside, the interior of the rim rounded, a single groove; the handle with curving arms emerging with the rim in the form of birds facing inwards, their tail feathers portrayed along the edge, the upper section of the flat waisted handle finely engraved, with two scroll-shaped tendrils emerging from the birds' mouths and meeting at the base of a long shaft, with a blossom at each end, issuing stippled vines and berry clusters, centered by a knotted fillet, the ties flowing down, the rounded terminal with two facing griffin heads, with downturned open beaks and flowing beards, a rosette in between; Good condition, repaired; H:70mm/L:225mm/W:140mm;2.76/8.86/5.51in; 275gr; Provenance: From an old British collection, acquired on the UK art market in the 1980s.

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