Coins 295 Julia Domna, wife of Septimius Severus (died 217 AD). AE Dupondius, Rome mint. D/ IVLIA PIA FELIX AVG. Draped bust right. R/ CEREREM SC. Ceres standing left by modius, holding corn-ears and sceptre (?). RIC (Carac.) 596. C. 13. AE. g. 13.60 mm. 28.00 Scarce. An outstanding 'medallic' example. Green brown patina. Good VF. The rare accusative "Cererem" like the "Iunonem" on the silver, is probably the object of some verb like "posuit"-"dedicated"- understood. (RIC IV, p. 89).
Mazzini Collection vol. III, pl. XVIII, n. 13.

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