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Justinian I (527-565). AE Half Follis. Sicilian mint? Dated RY 14. D/ DN IVSTINIANVS PP AG. Helmeted and cuirassed bust facing, holding globus cruciger and shield. R/ Large K; to left, A/N/N/O; to right, XIIII; in exergue, CON. DOC 313 (Constantine in Numidia). MIB 243. Sear 285 (Constantine in Numidia). AE. g. 8.47 mm. 23.00 Light green patina. Good VF. Constantine in Numidia has been suggested as a mint, as well as a location in Sicily. It may in fact be a mobile military mint, staffed by mint workers from Constantinople and Carthage, and setting up wherever the need for coinage was greatest.