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Coins 745 - Afghanistan, Indian Empire, 10th-12th century AD. AR Drachm (16mm, 3.13g). Horseman r. R/ Bull l., head r. VF


Coins 746 - Austria, Leopold I (1657-1705). AR 3 Kreuzer 1669 (19mm, 1.45g, 7h). Near VF


Coins 747 - British Lead Token, c. 14th-17th century (21mm, 4.29g). Stranded cross. R/ Wheel. Cf. Martin Dean, “Lead Tokens from the...


Coins 748 - France, Melgueil. Uncertain Count or Bishop, 13th century. BI Obol (16mm, 0.97g). Maguelonne. Cross with crossbars composed of...


Coins 749 - France, 2 Francs Chambre de Commerce 1921 (27mm, 7.99g, 6h). G.533; F.267. VF


Coins 750 - France, Æ Tessera, c. 16th century (13mm, 3.14g). Crowned arms flanked by two fleur-de-lis. R/ Blank. Green patina, about VF


Coins 751 - Hungary, Bela II (1131-1141). BI Denar (11mm, 0.33g). Cross with circle; pellet in each quarter. R/ Cross within circle; pellet...


Coins 752 - Hungary, Louis I (1342-1348). AR Denar (13mm, 0.58g, 7h). Head of moor l. R/ Patriarchal cross. Huszár 547; Réthy 896. VF


Coins 753 - Hungary, Habsburg. Matthias II (1608-1619). AR Denar 1619 (13mm, 0.51g, 2h). Virgin with Holy Child. R/ Arms. Huszar 1147ff.;...


Coins 754 - Netherlands, Westfriesland. AR Half Lion Daalder 1617 (34mm, 13.34g, 1h). Knight over lion shield. R/ Rampant lion l. KM...


Coins 755 - Poland, Sigismund III (1587-1632). AR 3 Polker 1624 (19mm, 1.10g, 3h). Crowned arms. R/ Globus cruciger. KM 41. VF


Coins 756 - Poland, Sigismund III (1587-1632). AR Solidus 1589 (16mm, 0.72g, 12h). Crowned large S. R/ Crowned arms. VF


Coins 757 - Poland, Sigismund III (1587-1632). AR 3 Polker 1622 (18mm, 1.13g, 9h). Crowned arms. R/ Globus cruciger. KM 41. VF


Coins 758 - Prussia, Georg Wilhelm (1619-1640). AR 1/24 Taler 1625 (18mm, 0.74g, 2h). Crowned arms. R/ Globus cruciger. VF


Lot 759 - San Marino, AR 5 Lire 1938. Near FDC


Lot 760 - San Marino, AR 5 Lire 1938 (23mm, 5.02g). EF


Coins 761 - Spain, Alfonso XIII (1886-1931). AR 5 Pesetas 1890 (37mm, 24.64g, 6h). Davenport 342. Near VF