Coins 349 The Lombards at Beneventum. Gregory (732-739). AV Solidus. D/ DNI-NVS PP. Crowned and draped facing bust, holding globus cruciger; crown topped with cross-shaped four pellets. R/ VICTOR-VGYS (S retrograde) star. Cross potent set on three steps; G in left field; in exergue, CONOB. CNI XVIII,6. BMC Vandals p.159. Cf. MEC 1, 1089. AV. g. 3.96 mm. 20.00 R. Rare and in excellent condition for issue. A few minor areas of weakness, otherwise about EF. According to MEC (1, p.575) it is not certain how coins with G in the reverse field should be distributed between Gregory, Gottschalk and Gisulf II.
Gregory (died 739/740) was a nephew of Liutprand , who appointed him Duke of Beneventum in 732 or thereabouts after removing both the usurper Audelais and the minor Gisulf II.
He was married to Giselperga.

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