Banner Artemide Asta 46E
Coins 475 Vandals in North Africa. Gaiseric (429-477). Pseudo-Imperial issue. AE Nummus imitating Valentinian III, c. 443-450 AD. D/ Blundered legend. Diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right. R/ The emperor in military dress standing left, holding globus and reversed spear; around, blundered legend. Cf. Ladich 7. Cf. Wroth 56 (pl. III,27) and 58-59 (pl. III, 28-29). For prototype, cf. RIC X, 2147-8. AE. g. 0.63 RR. Very rare. A superb example, in excellent condition for issue. Glossy dark green patina. About EF.